Professor Mircea Eliade: Reminiscences

edited by Mihaela GLIGOR and Mac Linscott RICKETTS
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Foreword by Mihaela GLIGOR
Preface by Mac Linscott RICKETTS
Douglas ALLEN, Encounters with Mircea Eliade Gregory

D. ALLES, Memories of a Master: Reflections on Mircea Eliade
David BRENT, A few words about Mircea Eliade
Liviu BORDAS, Time, History and Soteriology. Some Considerations concerning Eliade's Philosophy of History and the Indian Philosophy of Transcendency
Fred W. CLOTHEY, Remembering Mircea Eliade
Dennis DOEING, Memories about Mircea Eliade
Nancy Auer FALK, Eliade in Chicago: A Reminiscence
Norman J. GIRARDOT, It Does Not Die: Personal Reflections on the End Time of Mircea Eliade
Mihaela GLIGOR, Mircea Eliade on the Legend of Master Manole
Charles H. LONG, Mircea Eliade and the Imagination of Matter
Jerome H. LONG, Professor Mircea Eliade – Reflections
Martin E. MARTY, About Mircea Eliade
Mac Linscott RICKETTS, Mircea Eliade, my Professor: a Memoir
Bryan RENNIE, The Life and Work of Mircea Eliade
Santosh Kr. SINGH, Sacred as Profane. Changing Contours of Religion in India
Carl OLSON, Ontology, Altarity, and Difference: A Comparison of Eliade’s Method and the Postmodern Philosophy of Deleuze
EXTRA: Mr. Priyadarshi SEN, Maitraye - My Mother
Contributers list

Appendix A, Eliade's letter to Dennis Doeing
Appendix B, Manuscripts and photos from Mircea Handoca's Archive

Appendix C, photos from Norman Girardot
Appendix D, Photo from Mac Linscott Ricketts and Eliade's letters to Mac L. Ricketts
Appendix E, Manuscripts from Gregory Alles